A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of videos or still images. It may also use other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text. It is distinguished from the use of live television to affect tele-tourism.

The phrase "virtual tour" is often used to describe a variety of videos and photographic-based media. Panorama indicates an unbroken view, since a panorama can be either a series of photographs or panning video footage. However, the phrases "panoramic tour" and "virtual tour" have mostly been associated with virtual tours created using still cameras. Such virtual tours are made up of a number of shots taken from a single vantage point. The camera and lens are rotated around what is referred to as a no parallax point (the exact point at the back of the lens where the light converges).

A video tour is a full motion video of a location. Unlike the virtual tour's static wrap-around feel, a video tour is a linear walk-through of a location. Using a video camera, the location is filmed at a walking pace while moving continuously from one point to another throughout the subject location.


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عملاء آرت مصر

آرت مصر تفتخر بأنها بتتعامل مع اكبر الشركات فى مصر و العالم.

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آرت مصر للتسويق و الدعاية الألكترونية وتقديم الخدمات الفنية بتقنيات حديثة. تصميم مواقع, تصميم لوجوهات و شخصيات مرسومة, رسم ديجيتال, تماثيل نحتية.

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